Langdon Lake Water Cooperative

AUGUST 17, 2019

Annual meeting of the Langdon Lake Water Cooperative was called to order by President Mark Graybeal at 9:00 AM, August 17, 2019 at the Tollgate Trailfinders Clubhouse, 62369 Hwy 204, Weston, Oregon.

Members Present: Kelly Brown, Steve Corey, Jodi Dean, Patrick and Marianne Fisher, David Flint, Mark and Connie Graybeal, Patrick Jackson, Richard Wurz, Chuck and Karen Zohner.

All other members were not present.

Also present were Jerry Smith and Janet Stevenson.

NOTE: Per the Bylaws of the Langdon Lake Water Cooperative, Article III, Section 3.6 – thirty (30) percent of the total number of members must be present at the annual meeting to constitute a quorum. This meeting was held without a quorum.

President Graybeal introduced the Board members.

Minutes of the Annual Meeting on August 18, 2018 were approved.

Secretary/Treasurer Patrick Fisher reviewed financial statements for the 6-month period ending June 30, 2019. Total expense budget for the year is $20,838. Total operating expenses year to date were $8,206 or 39% of budget. The amount under budget year to date is primarily due to 3 expenses:
a. Property taxes, budgeted at $1,963 which have not yet been paid and are due Nov. 15
b. Repairs and maintenance under budget by $665 – but which amount could be used in one occurrence
c. Capital funds expense of $375 – which does not show moved from expenses to reserve funds on the expense report – but is being transferred at $31.25 per month.
The Capital Improvement Funds are those monies used to improve the water systems. As an example, last year on June 30, 2018, the Coop had cash of $18,400 and Capital Improvement funds of $36,500. The Betty Lou main line was then replaced at a cost of $37,800. This depleted most of the reserves and the Coop now has only $3,000 in Capital Improvement and Contingency funds. There are no major plans for this year.
Members present voted unanimously to accept the financial review as presented.

a. Ratification and Confirmation of Actions of the Officers and Directors for the Past Year. Members voted unanimously to ratify and confirm the actions of the officers and directors for the past year.
b. Annual Water Report
Water report was given to all members present on the back on the agenda for the Water Coop meeting. Jerry Smith reported a test is done 4 times per year for Coliform Bacteria – none were detected. Test is done once a year for Nitrate – last done on 6/11/19 with none detected. Test is done every 9 years for arsenic.
c. Cleaning Cisterns Update
A cleaning of the cisterns has not been done in the known past. Jerry Smith contacted LiquiVision Technology, a Klamath Falls company that does much of this type of work all over the state of Oregon. They would go into the cisterns and clean them out with vacuum pumps. The bid was for $4170. President Graybeal reported there were a lot of ‘ifs’ with the contract. There were concerns our cisterns were too small and may run out of water while cleaning. They stated they could not just do an on-site inspection, but if they did come up and could not do cleaning – they will still charge $3000 per day. Cleaning the cisterns was just a preventive measure at this time. Decision was to take no further action on this now because Coop is having no issues with water or delivery of the water.
a. Election of Directors
The term of directors for the Water Coop shall expire at each annual meeting. All three members, Mark Graybeal, David Flint and Patrick Fisher indicated they were willing to serve another term. There were no further nominations from any members present. It was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved for the three directors to continue for the next year.
b. Projects
President Graybeal reported the Bryson Spring cistern cement top is experiencing some deterioration. Jerry Smith is contacting Thacker to obtain a bid for resealing the top.
c. Other Business
There was no other new business reported
The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 AM.

Respectfully submitted

Patrick Fisher