Langdon Lake Water Cooperative



AUGUST 13, 2022




Annual meeting of the Langdon Lake Water Cooperative was called to order by President Mark Graybeal at 9:00 AM, August 13 at the Tollgate Trailfinders Clubhouse, 62369 Hwy 204, Weston, Oregon.

Members Present:  Mark Graybeal, Rob Davis, Patrick and Marianne Fisher, Dale Freeman, Erik McLaughlin, Jim Wilson, Jodi Dean, Kyle Rosselle, John Duff, Steve Corey, Corey and Amy Low, Benjamin Brainard, Seth Johnson, Bruce and Kay Barga.

All other members were not present.

Also present were Jerry Smith and Lynsey and Trever Ring.

NOTE: Per the Bylaws of the Langdon Lake Water Cooperative, Article III, Section 3.6 – thirty (30) percent of the total number of members must be present at the annual meeting to constitute a quorum. This meeting was held without a quorum.

President Graybeal introduced the Board members; Rob Davis – Vice-President and Patrick Fisher – Secretary/Treasurer.


Minutes of the Annual Meeting on August 21, 2021, were approved.


Secretary/Treasurer Patrick Fisher reviewed financial statements for the 6-month period ending June 30, 2022.  Total operating expense budget for the year is $24,565.  This was an increase of $3727 over the prior year’s budget.  This was the first increase in 4 years because of the increase in the Directors Liability Insurance Premium.  The premium increased from $1000 to $4793.

Total operating expenses year to date were $10,780 or 44% of annual budget.  The amount under budget year to date is primarily due to three expenses:

  1. Property taxes – budgeted at $1,925 which have not yet been paid and are due in November.
  2. Repairs and Maintenance – budgeted at $1000 with no expenses incurred year to date.
  3. Capital funds expense of $375 – which does not show moved from expenses to reserve funds on the expense report – but is being transferred at $31.25 per month.

The Capital Improvement Funds are those monies used to improve the water systems.  The reserve funds were depleted in 2018 with the replacement of the Betty Lou main line at a cost of $37,800. These funds are in the process of being built back up.  There is currently only $1375 in the Capital Improvement fund and $2816 in contingency cash.

On a separate note – the income statement shows the full amount of dues collected for the year in the amount of $24,565.  That amount is misleading as the cooperative has $3504 in past due water bills that has not been paid for the year. The accountant advises “the reporting is done on an accrual basis.”  Income is recognized when billed – not when received.  When a payment is received, accounts receivable on the balance sheet is reduced and cash is increased.

There are no major plans for this year.

Members present voted unanimously to accept the financial review as presented.


    1. Ratification and Confirmation of Actions of the Officers and Directors for the Past Year. – Members voted unanimously to ratify and confirm the actions of the officers and directors for the past year.
    2. Annual Water Report – Water report was given to all members present on the back on the agenda for the Water Coop meeting.  A test is done four times per year for Coliform Bacteria – none were detected.  Test is done once a year for Nitrate – last done on 6/20/22 with none detected.
  1. Bryson Spring Cistern – President Graybeal reported the cement top of the Bryson Spring cistern, which services the four cabins north of 204, shows some signs of deterioration. Jerry Smith contacted Thacker Construction regarding a bid to re-seal the top of the cistern.  Corey Thacker proposed to encase the whole structure in new concrete and build a ‘jacket’ around it. Rough estimate was $20,000 to $25,000.  President Graybeal reported the proposal was more than what is needed and there is no imminent danger.  Board will obtain further proposals.
  2. Caretaker Snowmobile – President Graybeal reported at the 2021 annual meeting the caretaker’s snowmobile needed an engine replacement. The bid at that time to replace was $6724 – believed to be too much.  The snowmobile had been with the water cooperative for the last 10 years.  The Langdon Lake Association agreed to take back over responsibility for the unit and purchased a new unit in 2021.



Cabin Winterization -Jerry Smith, Caretaker, discussed cabin winterization. He stated a water line leak can drain an entire reservoir.  He recommended if the cabin will not be used for 2-3 months to turn off the water.  Advised the most important thing is to make sure the water lines are insulated, and heat tape is used.  He advised the crawl space is the most vulnerable and where most breaks occur.  Need to ensure those pipes are properly insulated.

Capital Improvement Fund – Erik McLoughlin proposed an increase in annual dues to accelerate the replacement of the Capital Improvement Fund and avoid a special assessment should funds for repairs be needed. The current Capital Improvement Fund has $1375 and is only being replenished by an amount of $375 a year.  The fund was depleted in 2018 when the Betty Lou main line was replaced at a cost of $37,800.  There was discussion among the members present with a majority agreeing it would be prudent to increase the annual assessment by an amount of $10 to $15 per month per cabin until a specified amount of reserve was reached – with the suggestion from members being $100,000. The Board of Directors stated they would take this under advisement and discuss.

  1. Election of Directors – The term of directors for the Water Cooperative shall expire at each annual meeting. Mark Graybeal, Rob Davis, and Patrick Fisher indicated they were willing to serve another term.  The three were approved by members present.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 AM.

Respectfully submitted

Patrick Fisher