Langdon Lake Association

AUGUST 17, 2019

Upon proper notice, the Annual Meeting of Langdon Lake Homeowners Association was called to order by President Dale Freeman at 11:45 AM, August 17, 2019, at the Tollgate Trailfinders Clubhouse, 62369 Hwy 204, Weston, Oregon.

Homeowners Present: Kelly and Sharon Brown, Jim Buratto, Doug Corey, Steve Corey, Rob Davis, Jodi Dean, Chick Edwards, Patrick and Marianne Fisher, Bruce and Peggy Flint, David Flint, Dale and Amy Freeman, Mark and Connie Graybeal, Michael and Kara Hanson, Don Harrison, Allen Hendon, Patrick Jackson, Mary Johnson and Bruce VerBurg, Tim and Janelle Klashke, Everett and Barbara Knudson, Casey and Julie Lindstrom, Corey, Amy and Gabe Low, Bob McMillan, Donald Moody, Mark Mulvihill, Dennis Murphy, Kyle Rosselle, Michael Shannon, Richard Wurz, Charles and Karen Zohner

Fifteen homeowners were represented by proxies.
All other members were not present.
A quorum was present.

Also present were Jerry Smith, Ron and Janet Stevenson, Ken Williams

It was moved, seconded and unanimously passed that the minutes of the August 18, 2018 Annual Meeting of Members be approved as distributed.

a. Ratification and Confirmation of Actions of the Officers and Directors for the past year
It was moved, seconded and unanimously passed to ratify and confirm the actions of the officers and directors for the past year.

b. Financial Review
Insurance for this year was $9,220.00; property taxes for the year 2018-2019 were $33,493.00. The Capital Improvement fund has grown to $30,976.00 with the monthly homeowner assessment remaining at $11.00 per month, as it has been for more than several years. It was moved, seconded and unanimously passed to accept the financial statements for the period ending June 30, 2019.

c. Tollgate Historical Society
Karen Zohner and Bob McMillan reported they are working on a brochure regarding the history of the Tollgate area. They have collected quite a bit of written information and are in the process of interviewing people who have knowledge of the history of the area. They hope to have a brochure available in the near future. It was suggested that information regarding the Tollgate Historical Society be included, along with its memorial program, in the next edition of the newsletter to homeowners.

d. Text Messaging System
Board member Marianne Fisher reported that the text messaging program, Textedly, has been very successful in notifying homeowners of information regarding activities or issues at the Lake. There are now 46 homeowners subscribed to the program. Marianne urged all homeowners to sign up for the program. Information sheets on this program are available for homeowners today. She thanked Karri Bruce for her research on various texting programs and helping set up this program.

a. Election of Directors
President Freeman reported there are two director positions open for five-year terms. Position #1 is now held by Chick Edwards, who has agreed to run for another term. Nominations for Position #1 were taken from the floor. Patrick Jackson was nominated. Election was by ballot. Connie Graybeal, Association Secretary, reported that Patrick Jackson was elected to Position #1 by a vote of 24 to 18.

Position #2 is now held by Tim Klashke, who has agreed to run for another term. Nominations for Position #2 were taken from the floor. Mary Johnson was nominated. Election was by ballot. Connie Graybeal, Association Secretary, reported that the result of the voting was a tie of 21 to 21.

President Freeman asked the homeowners and the Board how each wanted to proceed. It was the consensus of both that they wanted Tim Klashke and Mary Johnson each to sit on the Board of Directors, and that the expiration date for the term of each would be 2024. President Freeman asked for a show of hands of the homeowners in favor of proposing to the membership that the Bylaws be amended to provide that the Board consist of nine (9) persons, rather than eight (8) persons. Homeowners having one-fourth of the votes of the membership were present and raised their hands in favor of the proposal. Thereupon, Board member Connie Graybeal moved that the Board also propose to the membership the same Bylaw amendment. Chick Edwards seconded the motion, and it unanimously passed. All members of the Board were present. The Board selected Tim Klashke to serve as director in the existing open position, the expiration date of the term being 2024. The Board indicated its preference to seat Mary Johnson in the new Board position for a similar term, assuming passage by the homeowners of the proposed Bylaw amendment.

b. Report of Jerry Smith, Caretaker
Jerry reported on the following:
– The quarterly domestic water samples for the year have all been good.
– The wastewater treatment facility is doing well. The pump stations have been pumped, the cost under budget.
– There has been some theft and vandalism in the Tollgate Area this year, however no vandalism has been reported on the Lake property. There have been some problems with visitors to the Lake leaving the gate open.
– The parking permits for parking trailers, etc., on the Tollgate Historical Society land are available at the parking site. Homeowners should fill the permit out and return to Jerry.
– Century Link now has non-satellite internet service available for the Lake property. Contact person for Century Link is Scott Stempel, 541-969-9272.
– The fire protection trailer provided by the Oregon Department of Forestry is located at the gatehouse. Jerry is willing to train anyone interested to use the equipment.
– The treatment of the Lake water is the same that has been used the last several years. It does a good job of preventing any algae growth in the lake, and is non-toxic to humans, animals and fish.
– Homeowner Chuck Zohner organized a meeting with the Oregon Department of Transportation to meet with Tollgate area homeowners regarding traffic safety on Hwy. 204. Available today is a petition to ODOT to review safety concerns from the Tollgate Trailfinders Clubhouse to mile post 20 on Hwy. 204. Chuck reported that the State Police has increased its patrolling and monitoring of traffic on Hwy. 204.

Jerry thanked all of the boards of directors and homeowners for their support of him.

c. Report of Wastewater Treatment Facility Committee
Kelly Brown reported that Jerry continues to do an excellent job monitoring and maintaining the wastewater system. Jerry cleans out and flushes the whole system twice a year. The system is working very well. The septic pump stations were recently pumped out. Jerry did a remarkable job of monitoring that project and the cost came in under budget. Kelly and homeowners thanked Jerry Smith for all of his efforts in keeping the wastewater system working in good order.

d. Report of Rules Committee
It was reported that several new rules had been implemented in February by the Association regarding open fire use on Langdon Lake property during an Oregon Department of Forestry Regulated Closure. Those are as follows:
a. Open fires are prohibited per the Oregon Department of Forestry when regulated closures are posted. Fires prohibited include campfires, charcoal fires, cooking fires, warming fires, tiki torches, candles and other sources that cannot be turned off with a valve. PROPANE FIRE PITS AND TRAEGER-STYLE WOOD BURNING GRILLS ARE PROHIBITED (NOTE: NEW CHANGE BY THE OREGON DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY).
The Langdon Lake Association website will also give updated information of burning. Note that while open burning and fire pit burning are not allowed when the signs are posted, portable stoves, cooking devices and barbeques that use propane or liquid gas are permitted.
Several comments were made from homeowners regarding the strict requirements of the open fire rules. Langdon Lake is under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Department of Forestry and must abide by all of its rules and regulations. The open fire restrictions are only in effect when there is a Regulated Closure.

e. Comments From President Freeman
President Freeman thanked the homeowners for attending the Annual Meeting. He is pleased that the lake treatment product has kept the Lake water in good condition this year.

f. Comments From Members
Concern was raised regarding dogs running loose on the Lake property and
creating safety concerns. Homeowners were reminded that members and their guests are required to keep their pets on their homesite unless they are leashed or
under their direct supervision.

Kyle Rosselle commented on the possibility of a playground area with equipment and/or a basketball hoop be erected on Common Ground. This
would provide a place to play for children that could not go into the lake. President Freeman asked Kyle to write a letter to the Board regarding this suggestion.

g. 2020 Annual Meeting
It was the consensus of those present that the 2019 Annual Meeting date be held on Saturday, August 15, 2020.

There being no further business, President Freeman adjourned the meeting 12:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Stevenson
Recording Secretary