Langdon Lake Association



AUGUST 13, 2022



Upon proper notice, the Annual Meeting of Langdon Lake Homeowners Association was called to order by President Dale Freeman at 10:00 AM, August 13, 2022, at the Tollgate Trailfinders Clubhouse 62369 Hwy 204 Weston, Oregon.

Members Present:  Bruce and Kay Barga, Benjamin Brainard, Bob and Jacque Brock, Kris and John Clark, Steve Corey, Gene and Anne Curcio, Rob Davis, Jodi Dean, John Duff, Patrick and Marianne Fisher, Dale and Amy Freeman, Mark Graybeal, Allen Hendon, Patrick Jackson, Bob and Deborah Johns, Mary Johnson and Bruce VerBurg, Seth Johnson, Tim and Janelle Klashke,  Everett and Barbara Knudson, Corey and Amy Low, Liz and Zeno Marvin, Erik McLaughlin, Donald Moody, Mark Mulvihill, John Murphy, Kyle Rosselle, Nat and Seth Small, Dan and Melissa Thiessen, Jim Wilson, Richard Wurz, Chris Zimmerman, Chuck Zohner.

All other members were not present.

A quorum was present.

Also present were Jerry Smith, Trever and Lynsey Ring

A motion was made to amend the agenda for today’s meeting to show the changes within the members of the Board of Directors. Patrick Jackson and Connie Graybeal had resigned from the Board. Zeno Marvin and Erik McLaughlin were appointed to serve the remainder of Patrick and Connie’s terms. Motion to amend the agenda was moved, seconded, and unanimously passed.


It was moved, seconded, and unanimously passed that the minutes of the August 21, 2021, Annual Meeting of Members be approved as distributed.



Justin Lauer introduced himself, what his position entails, and explained his goal to reach out to the Eastern Oregon Community to encourage conversation, feedback, and provide information regarding fire safety and regulations in Eastern Oregon Forests. His department serves over a million acres in the Pendleton area. There are six fire engines on standby throughout the area they protect.

Justin informed the Association that Senate Bill 762 has been rescinded in a sort of tactical pause to allow for ground truthing and the creation of new map that will be more accurate to the needs of the specific fire danger areas throughout Oregon.

President Dale Freeman then encouraged members to ask Justin questions:

-Barbara Knudsen asked if homesites can be cited if they are not in compliance with SB360. Justin answered that there is no enforcement possible with SB360. This is one of the reasons that SB762 was created. The SB762 would allow the fire marshal to enforce compliance. The higher the fire risk an area is, means that it would receive priority grants and be one of the first areas looked at.

-Janell Klashke asked about status of tree removal around homesites at the Lake. Justin recommends reviewing the suggestions and guidelines on Firewise USA such as no combustible material within 30 feet of a structure.

-Benjamin Brainard asked if this included existing structures since many of the cabins are mere feet away from each other. Justin said he could not speak for the fire marshal and the possibility that some of the building/codes may have been grandfathered in. If buildings are close together, they are often considered one building.

-Janelle Klashke asked about clarifications to the propane fire pit allowance. Mr. Lauer stated that this new rule is a direct result of the communication between ODF and Langdon Lake Homeowner’s Association. The new rule allows for year-round use of a propane fire pit as long as it meets the following criteria:

Area around the pit must be clear

No flame higher than two feet

It must have a valve that can easily shut off the propane supply to the pit

It must be non-spark emitting.

Again, it is reiterated that no open flame is allowed during high and/or extreme risk fire season.

-Jim Wilson asked if there was coordination with USFS as the campground next to Langdon Lake has campfires in August. Mr. Lauer explained that ODF is different that USFS and their restricted to the grounds they cover.

-In answer to a question about anticipating appeals to the SB762 Justin strongly encouraged reaching out and working with legislature. All ODF work is a result of legislative process.

-Patrick Fisher asked about wood burning fire pits being allowed in low to moderate fire season. They are allowed but follow guidelines. Not allowed on decks.

-Jerry Smith reminded everyone that the regulations are available on the Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch Center website: Lynsey will send a link along with local ODF office contact information.

-Another member asked why restrictions are not made according to elevation. It doesn’t make sense to be in several feet of snow, but still have restrictions. Justin explained that Fire District ratings and lines are very confusing to the public and difficult to enforce. As an example, he said that in driving from Weston to Langdon Lake the rating changes several times. There maybe times that Members can request a waiver to burn. Especially when it is wet and/or snowy weather at the Lake. The waivers would need to be specific to the individual burning and not to the entire lake. The waiver requires a signature of the person doing the burning.

-Tim Klashke asked about a Traeger waiver and it is possible to get a waiver for a Traeger that is in an enclosed area with no chance of spark.

If homeowners have questions, would like to request a waiver, or any other ODF issues they are strongly encouraged to contact the local office.

President Freeman thanked Justin for making the trip to the meeting and for all the great information.


  1. Ratification and Confirmation of Actions of the Officers and Directors for the past year

It was moved, seconded and unanimously passed to ratify and confirm the actions of the officers and directors for the past year.

Financial Review

For financial reports ending for the period ending June 30, 2022 -Funds in the Banner Bank checking account are currently at $146,572. The Capital Improvement has $36,584.

  1. Tollgate Historical Society

Chris Zimmerman President of the Tollgate Historical Society spoke about the activities of the THS over the last few years. Unfortunately, due to COVID they have not been able to have many meetings. Bob McMillan and Karen Zohner have continued to gather pictures and interview people regarding the history of the area. The goal is to have a pamphlet available for people who are interested. Dale Freeman thanked Chris for this information and informed the audience that there are THS Board positions available and if anyone is interested, they can contact Chris.


  1. Election of Directors

President Freeman reported there is one director position open for a five-year term.  This position is held by Kelly Brown who decided not to run again.  Nomination for Jim Wilson was made. Seth Small had withdrawn his nomination prior to the meeting.  By raise of hands a unanimous vote was made for Jim Wilson to fill the position. It was moved, seconded, and unanimously passed that Jim Wilson now serve a five-year term replacing Kelly Brown.

  1. Report of Wastewater Treatment Facility Committee-Jerry Smith

-The wastewater treatment facility is doing well. It is serviced two times a year and quite an elaborate prosses. Jerry reminded everyone that it is imperative the keep their grinder stations clean as they are very fragile. Homeowners and guests need to make sure that things like grease, toys, or any other objects DO NOT go down the drains. Members will know that they have a problem as waste will back up to the lowest point in the cabin, usually a tub or shower. Jerry encouraged homeowners to test their grinder stations as preventative maintenance. This includes lifting the lid and checking the floats. A person could raise the float manually and if the alarm goes off, then the station is working. If not, contact Pendleton Electric at 541-276-2672. A technician by the name of CJ is very familiar with these systems. It is a good idea for members to make sure their system is good October 1st before the snow starts. It is incredibly difficult to service the grinder stations in 10 feet of snow because it is often guesswork where to dig. Jerry suggested that homeowners mark the manholes to make them easy to locate in the snow.

-The septic system is over 20 years old. Jerry is now changing out one pump a year. Each pump costs around $2,000. These Treatment Facility pumps are always going.

-The telemetry panels are on the Verizon network and can be monitored remotely. If the entire system goes down, it would be bad for everyone at the lake. Marianne Fisher added that if the power goes out, you get about 15 flushes and that is it.

Jerry reminded everyone the importance of winterizing their cabin. Taking steps such as turning off water to your cabin, insulating pipes, checking heat tape to make sure it is working. Put antifreeze in P-traps and toilets. If possible, have a low point drain open. The Langdon Lake office will send out reminders on how to winterize.

-Jerry gave a firm reminder that if anyone is going to do digging around their homesites, they need to let Jerry know. There is network of septic and water lines that if disrupted can affect many other homesites and be very costly for the person who did the damage to repair. Use of vehicles down by the water is also strongly discouraged. Recently someone clipped a water valve. Question was asked about water shutoffs around the lake. Jerry stated that there are 10 water shutoffs around the lake. Jerry reiterated the importance of going the extra mile to winterize. Jerry frequently checks the cisterns via snowmobile trip. If the cisterns are not at the level they should be, then he has to trace the line and find the problem via process of elimination. This means digging down in snow that is several feet deep, shutting off the water, then returning to the cistern to see if water has returned to appropriate level. He will continue to do this over and over until the problem is found.  Each shut off can affect 8 to 12 cabins.

Comments from Caretaker, Jerry Smith

-Bear Sightings. There have been three separate bear sightings around the lake. It is very rare to see bears in the area. Jerry called ODFW and they will not trap the bears until they become a nuisance or a threat. It is best if homeowners and guests keep garbage picked up and other temptations removed from around their cabins, as well as be cautious and alert when going for a walk or hiking.

-Winter Parking. Homeowners are reminded to follow the direction of the ODOT posted signs. If parking area is full, homeowners may utilize the area by Morning Creek and the old garbage gate. Dale reminded everyone that it is very important to obey the posted signs as ODOT can shut down that parking area at any time.

  1. Report of Rules Committee- Marianne Fisher

Marianne encouraged everyone to become familiar with the Langdon Lake Rules and Guidelines Booklet (Green Book). Effective after the meeting Rule 7.2.b has been changed from “healthy tree” to “any tree”. If a member feels that a tree needs to be removed immediately then please contact Jerry, Lynsey, or any member of the Architectural Review Committee.

  1. Comments From President Freeman

– There have been many concerns and complaints about jet skis on the Lake. Homeowners were encouraged to review the regulations and laws set by the Oregon State Marine Board. A few of the laws regarding youths on jet skis, and the potential for ticketed fines by OSP were read. All were encouraged to take the blue flyer that listed some of the OSMB laws. Dale reminded those in attendance that there is a question of liability and serious injury if these laws are ignored.

-The question about who would enforce these rules was asked by Dan Thiessen. According to Langdon Lake rules, any Board member or any two members can discuss with offending party or file a complaint. The protocol and resulting action of rule violations will be reviewed at the following Board Meeting.

-Marianne Fisher reminded everyone that according to Rule 10.1 watercrafts on the lake must be registered to the lease holder. Related questions regarding checking boating permits, boater education cards, etc. will be discussed at the Board Meeting.

-Nat Small expressed that he feels that jet ski safety is everyone’s personal responsibility. He doesn’t feel that it is always necessary to involve state enforcement to enforce laws, but that members should police themselves. He stated that respecting others is paramount and a conversation with your neighbor goes a long way to resolve issues.

Comments From Members

-Mark Mulvihill- Mark stated that just because a person owns a cabin at Langdon Lake, it does not mean they own the place. He feels that about only five percent of members are discourteous. Each member has a responsibility to resolve issues, to take care of one another, and to value the privilege of being at Langdon Lake. When a person buys a cabin at the lake, they do not have the freedom that you would have at your own home. He suggested that when someone is interested in buying, they go through an orientation process. That process would include reading through the Rule Book and seeing if they can live with the rules therein. Another issue Mark commented on, is that friends and guests of homeowners are not being informed of the rules.

-Jodi Dean- Jodi recalled a recent incident that occurred when she was sitting on her deck around 9:00 p.m. She could hear kids across the lake having a good time, possibly having too many drinks. They were very loud, and their language was offensive and not in sync with the family atmosphere. Jodi did not confront them as it was dark out, and she did not feel comfortable doing so. She just wanted to remind other members to be courteous.

-Katy King- Katy wanted all members in attendance to write her phone number down. Her family is very frustrated because they receive complaints about their kids, but no one ever talks to them about the issues. She recently found out from another homeowner that there was complaint about her kids on jet skis, and her children were not at the lake on the date in question. Katy states that her kids are approachable and respectful. If you have an issue, please talk to them or to her and Brandon.

-Barbara Knudsen- Barbara expressed frustration with the complaint process. She suggested that it be examined and reiterated in the Rule Book. She felt that process should include talking to you neighbor and then filing a complaint if no resolution.

-Patrick Jackson- Patrick wanted to remind everyone to slow down when driving on Langdon Lake roads. He has observed numerous occasions of members and guests driving too fast. This can be dangerous, and it is not good for the roads.

-Benjamin Brainard- Benjamin suggested that the lake should be drained to about 20’ from the shore sometime after Labor Day for bank repair and to knock back reeds. Jeff Armatrout agreed that this a good idea. The Board will discuss at upcoming meeting.

-Amy Low- Amy pointed out that the annual meeting takes place after most of the issues that happen during the summer have happened. She and others suggested changing the annual meeting date and or having a social event around June. Having a community event after the meeting would encourage friendly relationships with neighbors and make it easier to resolve issues amongst selves.


There being no further business, President Freeman adjourned the meeting 11:28 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynsey Ring

Recording Secretary