Snowmobile Guidelines and Reminders





    Do not follow closely behind trail groomers:

    It takes one hour after grooming for the snow surface to properly “set-up.”

    Always ride in a straight line on groomed trails, spinning and sliding on the trails is dangerous.

    Always ride on the right-hand side of trails.

    Use hand signals for slowing, stopping, or turning off trails for your own safety and the safety of others on the trail.

    Adjust your speed for visibility and trail conditions to maintain safety.

    You should always allow plenty of distance to stop for any obstruction or emergency that might occur in front of you.

    Do not stop in the middle of the trail:

    other snowmobile riders may not see you in time to avoid a collision.

    If you must stop, pull to the right edge of the trails.

    Always use headlight. Your headlight must be on at all times!

    Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during your ride!

    Drunk driving laws apply the same to snowmobiles as they do on the highway.

    Do not go out riding alone.

    Ride in pairs and inform someone where you will be riding and the estimated time of return.

    Ride cautiously in Sno-Parks, near cabins and crossing highways.

    Please obey the 5 MPH speed limit in snow parks.  Remember obstacles, pedestrians, and vehicles can appear suddenly in congested areas.  Extra care should be taken while riding  within Langdon Lake area.

    Remember: snowmobiles are NOT allowed on State Highways!

    Snowmobile speed limit for trails within Langdon Lake is 10 MPH.  Please be respectful of riding near cabins at Langdon Lake.  The speed limit on the frozen lake is 40 MPH.

    Avoid “showing off” near Sno-Parks, lodges and within Langdon Lake property.

    Look out for those sharing the trails with snowmobiles.

    You will be sharing the trails with cross-country skiers, snowshoers, sled dog teams, groomers and

    others that may be on the trails at any time;

    Slow to 10 MPH,

    pass cautiously and do be courteous and congenial.

    Avoid the use of loud mufflers, especially within Langdon Lake!

    This projects a bad image with Association members and other riders. 

    Do not ride near Langdon Lake cabins!

    Always dress appropriately for adverse weather and remember:

    Helmets are required at all times!

    Remember: Riding at 30 MPH, at 30 degrees, the wind chill factor is zero! At 60 MPH, at 30 degrees, the wind chill factor is –20!

    Always be prepared.

    Always carry: extra spark plugs, belts and tools, a shovel, trail maps, drinking water, snacks, socks, waterproof matches, space blanket, compass.

    Know the area in which you are riding.

    Talk with the nature trail riders. 

    Check local residents and merchants who will be happy to discuss local conditions, etc.

    Remember: locals will be more congenial before you hit the trail than as a rescue party!

    Observe and comply with posted areas: (Wilderness fines $250.00 36CFR261.16a).

    Just one set of tracks in the wilderness can last until the next snowfall and leave a telltale sign for opposition to motorized sports and a pinpoint for arguments for land and forest service road closures.

    Be aware of snow depth and trail conditions. 

    Please do not ride on muddy trails.  Avoid damaging soil and vegetation!

    Preserve our trails for others to have fun but leave no trace.

    Licensing and Permits:

    Anyone operating a snowmobile on public land is required to carry a valid driver’s license or a valid snowmobile permit.  Be familiar with public land use regulations, as well as local and state laws regarding snowmobile riding! 

    The minimum age for driving a snowmobile on Lake property is 8 years old. 



    Rules Committee

    Langdon Lake Association