Wednesday, October 04, 2017 (20:45:28)

Posted by ragnew

We are right at the edge of receiving freezing temperatures at the lake as of this writing. Lows at night are ranging in the 35 degree area and day time is climbing back to the Low 50's High 40's. Now is the time to get the cabin in order for a another big winter.

A few ideas:
-Make sure your heat tapes are still functioning along with adding more pipe insulation if needed. The likely area to receive a frozen pipe is usually your crawl space...being sure this section of pipe is warm and insulated makes all the difference.

-Add minor amounts of liquid antifreeze to your toilets and pea-traps...both sinks and showers.

-Make sure your thermostat batteries are fresh and that the heat does come on when needed when you are away.

-Plan for power outages.

-Shut off your cabin water if possible. This option is always best if you won't be to be back for a long time. Better safe than sorry.

Remember: it only takes one broken pipe in a random cabin to drain the entire system. Please do your part and keep the water supply full all winter long.

If you have any questions about winterization tips...feel free to call me.


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