Tuesday, May 03, 2016 (21:15:23)

Posted by ragnew

We have had quite a few warm days at the lake this past week which has caused the deeper drifts to melt quickly on the back roads. As of today (May 2nd) I was able to drive my vehicle to the last cabin on the South side of the lake. All north side cabins are accessible too.

The fish are on their way! We are expecting to receive over 1100 healthy rainbow trout a by the end of May or sooner. Once the lake level stabilizes, we will have it stocked.

Main security gate is up and running. Please close it on your way in AND out. It does not close behind you. If you need an additional remote or forgot the gate code, contact me.

As most are aware, we had quite a winter last season. There are quite a few yards with debris from past storms...a few cabins have downed trees and limbs. The burn pile is now open and ready for said materials. Please do not dump construction material, boxes, or trash at the burn site. Also, please dump only bagged trash at the garbage bins. There is limited space and not enough room for old lawn chairs, giant TV's, old carpet, toilets, kid's toys, etc. These larger items should go home with you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Jerry Smith

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