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Welcome to Langdon Lake
Langdon Lake is located in the beautiful Tollgate, Oregon mountain area.
: Smile Smile Smile
We have had quite a few warm days at the lake this past week which has caused the deeper drifts to melt quickly on the back roads. As of today (May 2nd) I was able to drive my vehicle to the last cabin on the South side of the lake. All north side cabins are accessible too.

The fish are on their way! We are expecting to receive over 1100 healthy rainbow trout a by the end of May or sooner. Once the lake level stabilizes, we will have it stocked.

Main security gate is up and running. Please close it on your way in AND out. It does not close behind you. If you need an additional remote or forgot the gate code, contact me.

As most are aware, we had quite a winter last season. There are quite a few yards with debris from past storms...a few cabins have downed trees and limbs. The burn pile is now open and ready for said materials. Please do not dump construction material, boxes, or trash at the burn site. Also, please dump only bagged trash at the garbage bins. There is limited space and not enough room for old lawn chairs, giant TV's, old carpet, toilets, kid's toys, etc. These larger items should go home with you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Jerry Smith
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As we move into March, the snow is beginning to compress and become ice and slush. There is still good riding for snowmobiles if you are equipped with scratchers. The groomers have been maintaining a regular schedule and last I checked, the main trail to Jubilee was in good shape. Current snow level is at 4-5 feet.

Please be aware that with warm temps. comes the possibility of falling through the ice on the lake...especially around the edges and next to the dam. Crossing the lake is still at your own risk. Likewise with driving wheeled vehicles past the main gate. Although the surface may seem firm enough, it will likely not hold the weight of your truck or car.

We usually will have 1-2 more good snow storms between end of February and end of April. Keep a close eye on the weather forecast to catch this in time for some excellent powder riding.

See you at the lake!
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Greetings from the land of big snows and high winds! As I write this, we are currently approaching the 3 foot mark for snow level. That is 6-8 inches of base and the rest all powder. Snowmobilers: this is your chance for some good riding!

A word regarding safety with all this snow:
Going across the lake is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Certain sections are frozen and others are not. It is up to you to decide what is safe.

When parking at the sno-park it is wise to back in diagonally. This will help you exit the park quicker if you are blocked in from the snow bunched up by the plow. A shovel can be very handy too.

Please keep the gatehouse parking area open for people to load and off-load their sleds. This seems to work well for everyone. (A big "thanks" to Todd Kidwell for use of his tractor to keep this area clear)

See you at the lake,

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If you have been watching the weather for Tollgate, you'll see that we were on schedule for the first snow of the year. We are currently at 3 inches with additional amounts to come in the near forecast. Hopefully your cabin has been winterized and is prepared.

A word regarding access to your cabin during snowy conditions: The window is quickly closing for wheeled vehicles traveling past the main gate. In the past I have seen numerous vehicles try to go beyond the gatehouse only to get stuck within proximity of the boat launch. This was with just one foot of snow. Snow is a funny thing in that the wrong consistency can cause a vehicle to bog down quickly and be stuck solid. Digging out may help for awhile, but only cause you to get stuck again a little ways down the road. Four-wheel drive can be helpful, but if the snow is deep enough, becoming high centered will likely happen with or without 4WD. Tire chains are not much help in these conditions either.

Be smart and plan ahead with this information in mind. For you next lake visit, plan for possible access by snowmobile or on foot. If you are stuck this year, there will be NO TRACTORS to pull you out. Plan on a tow-truck bill that could be very costly...if they can even reach you.

Also, we have had problems with vehicles going off road during snow season. This has caused broken valve issues and severe ruts/ground erosion. Please keep all vehicles on designated roads at all times. If one vehicle cuts a new path through the snow, soon everyone does it and the problem multiplies.

Thanks for your help with these matters.

Jerry Smith
LLA CareTaker
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Early Low Temps Expected--- Winterize your cabin ASAP 9/15/2015
The verdict is out. According to the Farmer's Almanac and many old-timers that I have spoken with, we are due for a cold, wet winter this year. I have also been told that cold temps will begin earlier. It has definitely been a colder September than usual already.

As most know, cold freezing temps can cause major havoc to the water system. The Lake's water system is connected to two gravity-fed cistern boxes. These boxes hold anywhere from 8-10,000 gallons of water. They fill up at a slow rate and therefore can be drained if a leak occurs down the line.

Please do your part and winterize your cabin. Apply new heat tapes, install new pipe insulation, add a new heater inside the cabin/crawl space. Open your cabinet doors to better get heat to your water lines and p-traps. You can also turn your water off at the source before vacating your cabin. This is the one sure way to guarantee you don't arrive to a broken pipe and flooded cabin. Some folks may not have this option in their cabin; a valve may need to be added to the main water line. Call me if you need assistance in planning this out.

Don't be "the cabin with frozen pipe that drained the entire water system."

Thanks for your help.

Jerry Smith
LLA Caretaker
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