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Welcome to Langdon Lake
Langdon Lake is located in the beautiful Tollgate, Oregon mountain area.
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Theft at lake 3/29/14
On the South side of the lake, a cabin was broken into. Estimated date of break in was likely Wednesday night (3/26) Items stolen were a Phillips 40" flat screen TV, Stihl 034 chainsaw, and an unpackaged Harbor Freight tool set. Point of entry was on the back side of the cabin with the door being bashed in by means of a sledge hammer or axe. Tracks showed that this person(s) was on foot.

Umatiila Sherriff's Dept. was notified of the incident. They arrived onsite in a timely manner and performed a thorough investigation including evidence of fingerprints taken and to be checked at their lab. They advised that there has been a recent increase of breakins/thefts in the Tollgate area all within the last 5 days. They do have a few suspects of interest living within the area. Close watch of who is coming in and out of the Lake Community is key to preventing this from happening again. They requested that they notify them of anyone or anything out of the ordinary. Also to call the Sherriff's Dept. immediatley if another breakin occurs, and do not enter the cabin until complete evidence has been gathered from the scene.

I have since made a close security check of the remaining cabins. All cabins are secure and no tracks noticed around them.

Please notify me with any information or any questions.

Jerry Smith
LLA CareTaker
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Current Conditions Report
With the end of March quickly approaching, you would think that signs of Spring would be showing at Langdon Lake.

But..... Surprise! More snow in the forecast and we still have over 3 feet on the ground. At this point it's hard to say what may be the closest date for full access to your cabin by wheeled vehicle. Things could melt in a hurry or go slowly. So either Late April or Mid-Late May. One thing for sure...we will be seeing snow at the lake for a little while longer.

The annual order for fish to be stocked has been placed. They will arrive after temps reach a comfortable level in the lake so as not to shock their system. This should help them gradually acclimate to their new surroundings. Last year's carryover rate was very good. I suspect that it will be just as good this year as snow pack has been at a minimum. Get ready to reel in a few of those 16 inchers!

This has been a very safe winter so far. I have heard of no thefts or vandalism on the mountain. Good job to everyone for keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity and reporting it to me. Also, a big "thanks" to Everett for keeping the security cameras up and running through all the weather.

As we get closer to the Summer season, feel free to call me with any questions or concerns. Enjoy your Spring!

Jerry Smith
LLA CareTaker
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Clean Mountain Air
Air at Langdon Lake was wonderful this weekend, much better than the Walla Walla, Columbia River Basin stagnant air we experienced over the past 2 weeks.

The sun was shining, very little breeze with temperature in the mild 30's. Snomobilers having fun, children pulled on sleds giggling as they bounce behind the machines riding on the snow covered lake. What a treat!

The snow level is 18" to 24" deep, tops of grass and young trees are still to be seen, but the lake is frozen and several lake fishermen had staked out their claim. These fishermen were sitting on plastic buckets ready to retrieve fresh trout from the frozen lake.

Highway 204 was well maintained by ODOT, with sand and gravel on areas of compacted snow. Being a little cautious, our driving speed will range from 45 to 50 miles per hour on bare asphalt roads to 35 to 45 miles per hour on the compact snow and ice roads. We have studs in our snow tires and we normally pull a trailer with a 2000 pound snow cat. I am surprised when we are passed by traffic appearing to be going 50 plus miles an hour on snow packed icy roads.

Spoke with our caretaker Jerry Smith over the weekend. He was appreciative for the excellent efforts made by the cabin owners to make sure winterization takes place each time the cabins are vacated. He did have an excellent suggestion for all of our 64 cabin owners, "purchase a water shut off key", they cost about $15 to $20 at a harware store. In the event a pipe has broken from the freeze and flooding your cabin, you would be able to go outside and turn off the water, not relying on the delay of trying to find someone on the mountain with a key.

Since there are several different style of shut off keys, Jerry will purchase several of the correct type key and have them for sale at the Kiosk building if you chose to purchase one. He will have Janet add the cost of the key to your quarterly billing statement.

I hope everyone is having a great time on the mountain; it's a wonderful winter play ground.

Hope to see you there
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The weather is beautiful this Christmas Day. Not much snow, between 12" to 18", but it's still snow.

Several vehicles have tried to drive in on Lakeshore Drive but found the snow deeper than thought. Sad part is getting stuck, the good part is the exercise you get from all the shovel work and pushing.

Many families were gathered at their cabins this Christmas Year, can't think of a better place to be.

Merry Christmans to all (Everyone........... please think snow.)
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* * * * CHRISTMAS 2013 * * * *
It's hard to believe Christmas is amost here. If you were a child the waiting seems forever. Being an adult makes you wonder where the year has gone.

Christmas Season at Langdon Lake is always special even as an adult because it brings the "child" out. Looking at the snow, remembering the joy of sledding on anything that would slide, things as cardboard, garbage can lids, hub caps, pieces of plywood and of course, mom's laudry basket. My butt never hurt until I came home with the broken basket.

Christmas Season brings memories of fresh bread baking, cookies and all sorts of delicious scents of things to eat. Shinny bright objects placed on the tree, tinsel, paper orniments made in school and brought home by proud children.

Langdon Lake relates all of the Christmas of yesterday and today, bundled into one. Looking at the stars at night allows you to feel the peace of the heavens, listing to happy shouts of joy and giggle as children play opens a road in memory lane bringing a rush of warmth.

I feel blessed to share a piece of time with association members at this Christmas season, the warmth of smiles, wink of an eye and the shy short hand wave as we pass . The absolute love of family and friends surface during Christmas, as if this special time of year always reminds us what is important. The difficulties of life take second place, behind happiness and love, it's ok to be a child again.

From our family to yours, we hope your Christmas Season on the mountain will be filled with joy and happy memories, blessed with the feeling of peace and fulfillment.
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